safety and comfort 

Our services are catered to those with limited mobility needs. We have two van types: Gurney Van and Wheelchair Van. Both vehicles are capable of holding additional passengers for your journey. The Wheelchair vans have a rear ramp to comfortably board wheelchair bound passengers. We also have a variety of wheelchairs available for use, including a reclining wheelchair/Geri chair. The gurney van includes both side and rear entrances. When scheduling your journey, Amdal Transport Services will help you to select the vehicle best suited for your ambulatory needs. 

Our goal is to provide you safety, reliability, convenience, comfort, and most importantly peace of mind. Our vehicles are equipped for wheelchair bound passengers. The vans are routinely inspected to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety measures. We also equip our vehicles with  supplies to handle an emergency as a precautionary measure should a emergency situation occur. 

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For further information about our vehicles and your transport needs 

please call: 844-464-7250